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Is Blackfalds a good place to buy a home?

Blog by Melissa Morin | November 20th, 2015

Many home buyers are on the fence of whether or not they should consider buying a home outside of Red Deer. There are many factors that impact their decisions such as driving distance to work, schools, amenities, etc. However, the most common concern is re-sale value. All home buyer's want to purchase a property that will continue to increase steadily and be easy to sell when they want or need to move again. So the question is, "Is buying a home in Blackfalds a good investment?"

My answer is yes. This is why:

While Red Deer has higher prices, buyers are finding that in Blackfalds they can get more "bang for their buck" and over the past 3 years the average sale price has increased at a higher rate than Red Deer. See below...

Average Sale Prices For Single Family Homes 2013
Red Deer - $350,199
Blackfalds - $318,996

Average Sale Prices For Single Family Homes 2014
Red Deer - $369,180
Blackfalds - $339,159

Average Sale Prices For Single Family Homes 2015 (YTD)
Red Deer - $370,495
Blackfalds - $352,676

Total Average Sale Price Increase from 2013 - Today
Red Deer - $20,296
Blackfalds - $33, 680
*All stats are pulled from MLS*

So if you are having trouble finding what you are looking in for Red Deer consider expanding your options to Blackfalds. It is a short drive from town, with plenty of new amenities such as the Abbey Centre, prices are increasing steadily and there are lots of great homes to choose from. 

Please call me if you are thinking of buying or selling a home anywhere in Central Alberta. 

Your Realtor - Melissa Morin 
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