Selling Your Home All By Yourself

Selling your home without a Realtor is quite possible. However, there are many reasons as to why people choose to hire a professional.

Here Are 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Realtor:

  1. Price: If you are trying to get the most money from your property, you must expose it to the largest potential pool of buyers. There are over 560 Realtors in Central Alberta Real Estate board working to sell your home. Why not list it with a Realtor and capitalize on MLS?

  2. Marketing: Most Realtors offer several different methods of marketing in addition to MLS such as professional open houses, flyers, feature sheets, magazine/news paper ads, large client databases, etc.

  3. Type of buyers: When you sell your home yourself, you are encouraging “bargain hunters”. Buyers are also aware you are not paying Realtor fees and therefore they usually want a discount based on that, yet you have to do all the work & your legal fees maybe higher. Realtors qualify buyers prior to viewing and writing an offer. Therefore, there is less time being wasted on non-serious or unqualified purchasers.

  4. Advice: When you sell your home solo, you aren't getting any professional Real estate guidance along the way. One mistake could cost you several thousands. Realtors sell homes every day. They are meant to protect your interests every step of the process. Real estate associates help you determine price so that you don't under price/over price your property. They provide you with market information such as sold homes in your area, homes for sale, when is the best time to sell, etc. Realtors will give you a list of things you can do to increase the value of your home for little or no money, recommend staging advice, take professional photos that will capture all the details of your home, will recommend terms, conditions should include in your listing/purchase agreement. Realtors will also look after booking showings, inspections, etc. A licensed Realtor will always be present with prospective buyers when showing your home. Therefore, you can leave it to them and spend your time packing, on a holiday, working, or whatever you choose to do!

  5. Recommendations: We can recommend trusted industry members such as mortgage experts, lawyers, skilled trades, surveying companies, etc.

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