Buying A Brand New Or Under Construction Home

Many people choose to purchase brand new opposed to what we call a “re-sale” home. There are many pro's and con's to buying a new construction/under construction home. Be aware, the process can be a lot different than buying a “used” home.

Usually a re-sale home is landscaped, has a finished basement, includes several appliances, fencing, window coverings, established neighbors,trees, etc. Also, buying a home that is still under construction- maybe risky as sometimes the proposed completion date gets delayed.

On the flip side, there are many pro's to buying new such as, customizing, developing the basement to suit your needs, landscaping/fencing how you choose, no need for repairs or updating, typically new homes are in a new areas with new amenities/ developments, 5-10 year New Home Warranty, Floor plans for future development, finishing information available (example: paint colors, flooring colors,etc), ability to add or change things to the home, 1 year builder warranty, etc.

Melissa has represented several clients in their purchase of a new home. She will be sure to educate you on the process and make you aware of additional costs, things to consider, things to negotiate, things to look out for, inform you of future development zoning in the area, etc.

Here are some additional expenses/things to consider when purchasing a new home:

Melissa will work with you and the builder to negotiate as much as possible in the offer for a fair market value. Melissa has established relationships with many trusted home builders in Central Alberta so she can keep you up to date with homes that are under construction and not listed for sale yet. Contact Melissa today if you are thinking of buying a new home.

*Please note, this section is not referring to “custom building” as that is a whole other topic.