New To Canada/Out of Country Buying

Moving from out of country? Melissa has worked with several buyers who are new to Canada before. She treats the process as if it were your first time buying a home and educates you. Because real estate laws, regulations and such differ significantly in each country, Melissa finds it extremely important that you are educated on the entire process before moving forward. Melissa can also recommend reputable mortgage experts who have creative financing options to help accommodate your needs. Melissa will also focus on informing you of the different neighborhoods, towns, surrounding areas, point of interests, traditions/holidays, to make you feel welcomed here.

English not your first language? Or can't speak English at all? No need to worry... Melissa will help arrange an interpreter/translator to guide you along the way. Melissa wants you to be able to understand everything clearly so that there are no misunderstandings. Melissa is fluent in English and French.

If you are thinking of moving to Canada or already new to Canada – contact Melissa and she would love to meet you and help you become a 1st time Canadian buyer!

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